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Projet biomédical mondial porté par un médecin Projet biomédical mondial porté par un médecin Projet biomédical mondial porté par un médecin

The Company


Export of French know-how in the healthcare industry

IDEAL MEDICAL PROJECTS is a French company with its core business in international biomedical engineering. We implement global and integrated solutions, we carry out studies, we provide advice and offer complete ranges of medical equipment best suited to the needs of projects and users. We also carry out the installations, acceptance, commissioning, and provide training and warranty. We can also offer post warranty maintenance contracts.

Our teams of engineers and technicians allow our company to be recognised and renowned both in France and abroad in the field of healthcare. Our vast network of high-level experts complements our own resources meeting the needs expressed with the best suited and most efficient offer while guaranteeing a single point of contact for your biomedical project.


Whatever the size of your project, we offer services customised to your needs to offer a bespoke solution.

Whatever the technical, economic, cultural and medical specific requirements, we can mobilize the necessary expertise from the identification of needs to the realisation of health projects, whatever their nature.

This implies :

  • Multidisciplinary expertise at the service of the project
  • A competent and dedicated team
  • A dedicated project manager on site
  • Transfer of know-how (clinical, technical, managerial)
  • A vast international network
  • Partnership agreements


IDEAL MEDICAL PROJECTS is a main player in the healthcare sector and benefits from partnerships with recognised and respected experts and companies, all leaders in their respective fields of activity.

For each project, we select the most relevant and qualified partners to work on a global quality solution, to provide rational and impartial expertise, adapted to the needs of hospital staff in the interest of patients.

IDEAL MEDICAL PROJECTS acts fully  independent and has no other interest in its choice of partners than that of the project and its customers in order to provide the configuration best suited to the needs expressed.

Therefore we can reassure our customers of working with the best products and the best suppliers available.

IDEAL MEDICAL PROJECTS has adopted a deontological and ethical charter which it strictly applies, and asks all of its partners to comply with it, too.

The patient : our main concern

Healthcare is a civil right, that every country must make available to its people, in the best quality conditions. Healthcare carries the image of the national public service and it forms an element of relationship between the population and the state.

The patient is at the heart of any project and the preservation of the patient’s health and well-being constitutes the guiding principle of choice: analysis of the best alternatives and provision of quality, reliable, solid and suitable materials for the patient himself, as well as for their carers.

Our experience of the French market and intervention in emerging countries allows us to benefit our international customers from the know-how from the French healthcare system and to transfer French expertise and skills abroad.

Partnerships and main suppliers

IDEAL MEDICAL PROJECTS works with well-established, recognised and respected suppliers, all leaders in their respective fields. However, there is no exclusivity, one way or the other. The equipment and its suppliers are selected according to the needs of the project, in complete independence and impartiality.

By awarding us your projects, you are guaranteed to work with the best suppliers and products available on the market.