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The objective of IDEAL MEDICAL PROJECTS is to provide global and coherent biomedical solutions to its customers, ranging from the transcription of needs to the implementation of a definitive equipment program and the assurance of its operation in the best possible conditions.

Each project is unique and we treat it as such, listening to both users and decision-makers.

Our strength comes from our ability to adapt to expressed needs, whatever they may be, and from our responsiveness to allow the definition and implementation of the solution best suited to the needs of the project. Whether it is a stable or mobile establishment, of traditional, modular or prefabricated construction, we know how to advise and guide the best interests of the client in order to preserve the quality of care and deliver the best equipment.

Our services

Design and dimensioning

The medical equipment of a hospital must be conceived as a coherent and complete system and our permanent concern is to ensure this harmony.

  • On the medical level, so that the equipment selected meets user expectations and clinical requirements,
  • Structurally, to ensure perfect integration of the equipment chosen in the reception environment (fluids, positioning, compliance with national regulations and structural constraints, etc.),
  • At the global level, so that the equipment chosen is compatible and integrates into a system of equipment capable of interacting with each other.

Project management

A project manager is appointed from the start of the operation, a real conductor and the interface between you and the stakeholders. He ensures the consistency of the different stages, coordinates all the engineers and technicians and guarantees optimal operation of the equipment in its environment.

  • Implementation of a task schedule and permanent control of compliance with it,
  • Coordination and management of installations and tests,
  • Receipt of equipment as part of a global project, deploying and mobilising all the necessary expertise in the field.

Biomedical studies

Biomedical studies are essential in the design and implementation of a hospital project. They make it possible to ensure the adequacy between technology and building and to address the architectural constraints. Biomedical studies are also used to identify needs and problems, to analyse and propose alternatives. They are also used to install the equipment and determine the budget.

  • Analysis of needs and research of technical solutions adapted in the project,
  • Analysis of architectural plans and checks of the required consistency of the rooms, their surface area, their proximity, the various circuits and flows,
  • Distribution of equipment by room (Room By Room)
  • Establishment of a quantitative list (BOQ)
  • Estimated budget
  • Establishment of the technical specifications of the equipment, with the necessary options and accessories
  • Drafting specifications
  • Installation of equipment in the volumes for verification of spaces and ergonomics
  • Pre-installation and interoperability studies
  • Development of detailed technical plans

Supply of equipment

The contract coming into force is the starting point for this stage, which must ensure compliance with the technical specifications adopted and the set execution schedule. The purchase of equipment, parts and consumables is defined and negotiated in the best interest of the project.

  • Programming of acquisitions
  • Technical and financial negotiation
  • Planning and order management
  • Equipment inspection
  • Coordination of warehouse deliveries to respect the shipping schedule

Supply chain

The choice of forwarding agent and ways of transport is the key to comply with the implementation schedule.
Maritime, rail, road, air, the best mode of transport is chosen in the interest of the project to facilitate access to the installation sites.

  • Choice of forwarder and storage warehouses before and after shipment
  • Choice of adequate transport insurance
  • Choice of packaging and monitoring of packaging
  • Implementation and monitoring of contractual inspections
  • Establishment of shipping documents
  • Monitoring of customs formalities

Installation and commissioning

As soon as the equipment arrives at the installation site, our teams are mobilised to ensure its distribution and installation, in conjunction with the technical teams of the destination. The goal is to put each piece of equipment in place and ensure that it functions optimally.

  • Site preparation,
  • Resource management and availability of tools,
  • Control and coordination of deliveries on site
  • Installation,
  • Integration and interoperability of equipment,
  • Tests and start-up

Medical IT

High-tech medical equipment and certain departments have their own dedicated computer network (RIS and PACS in imaging, LIS in the laboratory). It is increasingly important, within a hospital establishment, to be able to link the different services and thus improve the quality of care and the profitability of the services provided.

  • Programming of consultations and interventions
  • Management of beds by department
  • Compilation of radiological images and attachment to the patient file
  • Coordination of dedicated networks by department
  • Administration of the patient journey (registration, file, invoicing, liaison with health insurance, etc.)
  • Secure storage and archiving of collected data
  • Prescription software, management of pharmacy stocks and stocks of medical devices, etc.
  • Establishment and implementation of rigorous protocols
  • Storehouse and monitoring of technical maintenance (CMMS)

Technical training

We organise and coordinate technical training for end users and maintenance teams, on site or at the manufacturer's if necessary.

  • Transfer of know-how
  • On-site training sessions
  • Training abroad
  • Definition and development of management systems

Warranty and maintenance

We implement the monitoring of maintenance operations throughout the warranty period of the equipment, as well as the management of service contracts through the establishment of biomedical maintenance workshops within the healthcare facility.

  • On-site maintenance
  • Guarantee and after-sales service
  • Management of service contracts